Author: Moriya   Modified Time: 2018-01-18 02:05:23
Type 作家,絵師,平面デザイン,商業援助,音楽
VISA PR/WH/Student
Condition casual
Place アデレード

Do you have interests of Touhou Project(東方プロジェクト)? You do? Wonderful!!!
Join us! Let's have a good time!!! For Touhou and you!!!

Writers(作家): Basic English writing, Plentiful knowledge(such as history, character, story, relationship etc.) of Touhou. If had Eng-Jap translation skills would be best!

Illustrators(絵師): Casual painting skills. Illustration, comic, Q-version etc. All kinds of painting we accept!!!

Designers(平面デザイン): Basic designing skills. Poster, website, cover etc. (Few)

Business sup(商業援助): Public relationship, Social media, Business communication etc. (Few)

Music(音楽): Guitar, Bass, Keyboard... Ok, we actually need a band XD. Anyone who has any skill of music is welcome!!!

*It's not a formal job, payment surely would be claimed but we are actually finding friends of hobby.

Email me if you are intersted or scan QR-code to add me as LINE friend.
Email: LINE: Aoi Moriya

We need you!!!